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Marti Michell 60-degree Triangle Ruler
Available in 2 different sizes! Large 60° Triangle Ruler: item 8963 for 3 inch - 9 inch triangles Small 60° Triangle Ruler item 8962 for 2 inch - 6 inch triangles Making quilts and measuring with the equilateral, 60-degree triangle...
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Marti Michell Template Set L 6 pcs for 8 shapes
Set of 6 clear acrylic templates to cut squares, half-squares, quarter-squares, rectangles and parallelograms for 12 inch blocks. Perfect for beginners!
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Marti Michell Template Set M, 5 pieces for...
5 pieces for cutting 7 shapes. Makes 12-inch blocks and other sizes. Use Set M to make five-patch blocks. If you love 5-patch blocks, you will love Set S (item 8166), too. Mix them with Set M to create even more 12-inch blocks.
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Marti Michell Template Set N 5 Pieces for...
Template 78 is a hexagon with a 3/4 (1,9 cm) finished side. 78a measures the 60° equilateral triangle that coordinates with the hexagon. Create 1 inch finished-size sqaure, half-square triangle and quarter-square triangles with templates...
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Marti Michell Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers
Clear acrylic templates to cut corner triangles and setting triangles, which are needed for all 'on-point'-blocks. Available in 2 different sizes.
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Marti Michell 2 1/2 inch Stripper Templates Set...
Cut these shapes from pre-cut Jelly Rolls (2 1/2 inch strips) with virtually no waste: Hexagon 60-degree Diamond 45-degree Diamond Equilateral Triangles 60-degree Conehead Small Triangle that matches the hexagon for another "I Spy" size...
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Marti Michell Corner Trimming Template
The Marti Michell Corner Trimmer template can be used to trim the corners of any right angle triangle piece, regardless of the size of the triangle. Trimmed corners promote accurate piecing, eliminate dog ears before sewing and reduce...
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Marti Michell Corner Trimming Template...
Bulk pack of 24 Corner Trimmers incl. a booklet with information.
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Marti Michell Multi-Size Half Square Ruler
The Multi-size tool makes it easy to cut any size half-square triangle from 1 inch (2,5 cm) - 6 inch (15,2 cm) every ½ inch (1,3 cm) and trim the engineered corners, just like those available in From Marti Michell exact-size templates. A...
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Marti Michell Kaleido-Ruler
Use these rulers for cutting triangles for Kaleidoscope blocks the easy, accurate way.
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Marti Michell Template Set S
Many quilters have asked for templates to make 6-inch (15,2 cm) block on a 5 x 5 grid. The result was Perfect Patchwork Template Set S. Most of the 5-patch blocks you can make in Volume 4 with Set M templates you can also make at 6...
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Marti Michell One-derful One Patch Tumbler
One template for cutting 7 sizes of Tumblers (or Thimbles) from strips or scraps. The smallest size is perfect for cutting on Jelly Roll strips. Perfect for scrap quilts. Quarter inch (0,6 cm) seam allowances included on all sizes....
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