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Crafters Edge Die Set Scalloped Circles in 5 sizes
Scalloped Circles Premium Fab Dies are a great addition to any project. These shapes are extremely difficult to cut out by hand and these dies makes it incredibly easy to make clean and intricate shapes. Cut perfect and precise shapes...
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Crafters Edge Die Set Hexagons in 6 sizes
Hexagons are a great way to make fun and modern designs with your quilts. These premium fabric dies allow you to cut more layers at once so you can get back to sewing. When quilting these shapes ensure that you stop and start sewing ¼...
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Crafters Edge Die Set Circle in 11 sizes
Fab Dies Circles are great for quilting and applique. Make fun patterns and designs or create a cathedral quilt. These premium fab dies are fantastic for many different sewing projects and is an essential to any quilter. Cut perfect and...
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Crafters Edge Die Set Half Square Triangles W/...
These Premium Fab Dies are an essential staple to quilting. Make both modern and classic quilt designs with this incredibly versatile Fab Die. These shapes come designed with built in dog-eared corners so that they no longer need to be...
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Crafters Edge Die Set Squares in 12 sizes
These Premium Fab Die Squares are great for any quilt project. Squares are great for simple designs and using them in more complex designs as well. These squares are essential to any quilter of any caliber. Cut perfect and precise shapes...
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Crafters Edge Die Set Mini Circle in 6 sizes
Mini Circle Set Premium Fab Dies are essential to any project. Great for making Penny Rugs and other felt projects, these fabric dies cut multiple circles at once. With a wide range of sizes, it makes tackling a new project easy and fun....
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